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a big list of blogs

Fark, which is a blog in the first sense of the word--a list of links (usually to weird news stories) with brief commentary. The links are updated constantly, which clues you in to the fact that a whole lot of people work to collect those links.

Another blog with weird stuff is the Museum of Hoaxes, which is exactly what it sounds like.

I have a lot of family in Chicago and have therefore spent too much time on the train there (the El) and the CTA Tattler is pretty funny, even if you've never spent much time on public transportation.

Like Frabby, I read a few celebrity/media-related blogs, including the Grey's Anatomy writers' blog, when it's updated, and Zach Braff's blog (yeah, I know).

I also read some even nerdier media blogs, including Karen Traviss' blog. She's a science fiction writer--more specifically, um, she writes Star Wars novels. But what's interesting about her blog, and what makes it different from a lot of other media blogs (like the two above) is that she actually replies to comments. Conversations happen on her blog that are not typical of this type of blog--partially due, of course, to the fact that her audience is considerably smaller than the 20 million people that watch "Grey's Anatomy" every week. Still, it's pretty cool.

A lot of the blogs I read regularly belong to my friends, especially friends from home, because it's an easy way to keep up. Most of those blogs are only intended for a limited audience (friends from home) and would be really not interesting to anyone else. Ditto the blogs that are even nerdier (er, niche-ier?) than the ones listed above.

so that reminded me...

the reference to the CTA Tattler reminded me of another good blog. Overheard in New York. I'm not sure if it even counts as a blog as there is no space for comments and nothing even close to a site community. But, hey, it's really funny.