November 13, 2003

Be careful what you blog

Here's an article from the Onion that is ever so pertinent to our class. Enjoy!

Posted by ascott at November 13, 2003 01:47 PM

This happened to me when my mom found my website and entered the section that had the "warning, do not enter this page if you are offended by anything whatsoever, and especially if you are my mother" bit at the beginning. Then of course she had to ask me all about it and it was really frustrating. That Onion article is absolutely brilliant.

Posted by: Chris at November 16, 2003 04:48 PM | Permalink to Comment

Audre just called my attention to the fact that Prof. Fitzpatrick had posted this same article on her own blog. For a source as nonlinear and disjointed as the internet, I think it's funny how information spreads.

Posted by: Alex at November 16, 2003 04:59 PM | Permalink to Comment

Did you know that if you search on Google for the word "the," a link to The Onion is the first thing that comes up? It must have a huge readership.

I think the first bumper sticker advertising an internet site I ever saw (that was a weird experience... bumper stickers with URLs on them -- talk about remediation) was for The Onion.

Posted by: Audre at November 16, 2003 09:21 PM | Permalink to Comment

I donít have a blog, but I wouldnít be to concerned that my mom would find racy information about me on the internet. First of all, I donít think she would look. Second, she is, for the most part, incapable or searching anything out. However, if I ever have kids, Iíll definitely be able, maybe not willing, but able. As far as questions about selective privacy go, Itís pretty interesting to think that ours is probably the last generation to have internet-handicapped parents.

Posted by: eblair at November 22, 2003 12:28 PM | Permalink to Comment

Once upon a time I asked a question in a chat room about summer internships and misspelled a word. It was saved for a few years online, and came up whenever anyone goggled me. It was so awful. My mom discovered it on her own one day and felt the need to fuss at me about it all the time. Also one of my papers was published online from my ID1 class and just this past week my mom berated me for my stupidity in allowing such a thing. I really hate how your mistakes are etched in stone 4 ever! ugh

Posted by: Veronica at November 27, 2003 06:25 PM | Permalink to Comment