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Apple introduced a new product recently, their version of the Kindle, the Tablet.

“For now, at least, the technology and media industries are looking at the brighter side. “Steve believes in old media companies and wants them to do well,” said a person who has seen the device and is familiar with Apple’s marketing plan for it, “He believes democracy is hinged on a free press and that depends on there being a professional press.””

This is from the article in the NYtimes. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/26/technology/26apple.html?em

Two questions came up regarding this article: What do you think Steve Jobs is talking about when he says democracy relies on a free press which depends on a professional press?

Also, the article talks about how Apple changed the music industry with iTunes and may change the book publishing industry if this new product is sucessful. Do you think people will read more with this technology? Or will it change how we consume media?

I think the biggest change will be seen in how we consume magazines and newspapers. NYtimes and other companies are already developing applications for the Tablet, similar to applications that can be run on an iPhone.

I was also wondering how this might affect the author. With publishers, they already take a big cut from the authors. Maybe the Tablet will allow authors to directly sell their work to iTunes to be distributed, similar to new artists putting thier own music up on itunes. This could be a positive thing.