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Project Outline

So here is a written map of the way I plan for my project to take form, I’m currently working through the aesthetic look of the interface.  All comments are appreciated!

I.     Initial Screen: Introduction to Web 2.0 and to four stories that lead to four different aspects of how one can use Web 2.0 as a tool for social change, selfempowerment, fun and education.

a.     The guide is meant to target youth and students specifically within communities that are often undrrepresented and denied access to digital media literacy tools.

b.     The program is navigated by pressing on certain words that are linked to another section of the program.

i.     i.e. by clicking on the section titled Video the user is directed to a story of a student deciding to create their own video utilizing Open Source Cinema.  The print narrative will then transition to a visual narrative of how one would use the program.

II.    The narratives are those of 4 students interacting with media through four different programs.  In each of these narratives as the student in the story decides to use each tool the user also learns how to navigate these diffiernt programs.

III.  Each narrative is modeled around four concepts of Video, Audio, Print, Play,  Within each level historical and legal contexts are included within the narrative to provide a theoretical component to the practical use of each program.  Below are components of each theme to be explored and coded within the program/narratives I’m writing in Processing.

a.     Video

i.     Objective: To provide a tutorial of using film to convery messages of interest and address the issue of representation.  As well as explore the concept of open source software and media as a tool for collaboration and community building with potential for positive real life consequences.

ii.     Progam to be instructed for use:  Open Source Cinema

b.     Audio

i.     Objective: To show and explain how music has been used historically and can now be digitally created with creative and social purposes.

ii.     Progam to be instructed for use:  OpSound

c. Print

i.     Objective: To show how literary traditions can be expanded through digital means.

ii.     Program to be instructed for use: Blogger and Blogspot use

d. Play

i.     The student in this narrative is modeled after me as the user of Processing creating a program and offering a basic understanding of how Processing works through an example of a simple pong-like game I coded.

ii.     Objective: To explore how learning these technologies can also be used for enriching one’s own experience with digital tools for fun AND for education.

iii.     Program to be instructed for use: Processing and A Force More Powerful

1.     A Force More Powerful is a video game that teaches non-violent strategies for social change.

IV. Once the user has navigated through all the paths within each section they are then offered the options of which narrative they would like to view/interact with next.

V.   Final Screen: A conclusion that will be derived from my the six page appendix, explaining the social relevance and motiviations for this project.

VI. Appendix:

a.      Critically explore the role of a mediated public sphere and how that impacts certain communities in different ways.

b.     Draw on our readings to explore how technologies have developed within our society.

i.     Within the context of the technical aspects of these tools as well as their relation to the greater shifts in thought occurring during that time period.