Techno-reflections, closing thoughts

First, I just want to say thanks to all of you for making this class the fun, rewarding experience that it was. You are all awesome!

As far as the technologies we used are concerned, I found it very refreshing to be able to integrate theories about writing and digital media and the analysis of electronic literature with the practice of writing with hypertext.

Probably the greatest success for me was collaborative note-taking in Google Wave, which really enhanced my classroom experience (perpetual “shiny” crash-screens aside). I’m typically a very meticulous note-taker, so being able to take notes in a semi-social way really helped me to stay focused on our in-class discussions as well as work ideas out on paper. As far as the blog is concerned, I definitely appreciated the opportunity to reflect on our readings and carry ideas from the course outside the classroom. (I’m pretty familiar with the two-post-a-week routine from previous classes I’ve taken with Prof. Fitzpatrick.) I was a little disappointed with the “discussion” aspect of the blog, though. A lot of our posts (mine included) stuck pretty closely to the “one-page-reading-response” format we’re all used to cranking out for class, which is good for personal reflection/meeting quota, but not so great for inspiring discussion. Partly, it may have been that this was such a small class, and hence more of a challenge to maintain an active dialogue both in and outside of the classroom.

In terms of class structure, I agree with Jori’s assessment that the theory was a little too front-loaded. When we were discussing theory, I had a hard time envisioning how it could be applied, and by the time we got to looking at examples of electronic literature, I had a hard time recalling our discussion of the theory. I think the class could really benefit from a structure where the two were more integrated.

On the whole, though, I got a lot out of this class. It’s going to take me awhile to fully process all the ideas we’ve brought to the table, but I’ve become much more cognizant of the issues surrounding the practice of electronic literature, and, in the process, inspired to explore new ways of writing.

Again, thanks to all of you for a great semester, and good luck to the graduating seniors!

One response to “Techno-reflections, closing thoughts

  1. Great comments Rachel. I agree with many of the points you made. The blog would probably have been more engaging if we all spent more time poking around and not so much trying to keep up with the readings.
    I appreciate all your work taking detailed notes. I can tell you that they really helped when I was writing my paper and compiled all the material together so it would make sense and IT DID!
    Wish all the best, I’m sad I won’t be back at Pomona but I wish you all the best!