Semester Overview

This class has taken my on a writing mechanisms roller coaster.  Beginning the class with Marshall McLuhan’s work on mediums and our relationship to the machine, and ending with various example of Electronic Literature.  This class has not only redefine the way I think about the computer, but how I define literature as well.  Instead of passively interacting with the computer, I know think of the progression in writing tools, starting with the pencil, and coming full circle to the computer.  Even my definition machines has been reevaluated.

Also, for google wave, I was always one of those old fashion students who likes to have a notebook where I write notes, and initially I was really hesitant about google wave.  Turns out it was great.  It was a really helpful tool, and wasn’t too distracting either.   It added to the structure of the class, and was an additional way for us to engage with the material

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