Project Outline

After reading all the great suggestions posted by our classmates (and Prof. Fitzpatrick) I decided to switch my project around and take a (challenging for me) slightly different format, a more creative project. I plan to produce a website where I link resources for promoting social justice among the Maya communities. I want to include the theoretical and academic articles with the applied or practical applications, both in Chiapas and Los Angeles. I’ve been part of the Mesoamerican Network in CSLA and I’m also a member of a Chiapas networking community at Scripps College. I think that by being involved with these organizations, and by incorporating my extensive academic research on the Zapatistas, I can start a website where we link resources, including making announcements of events (such as protest marches) and provide a venue for networking for other social rights activists. I’m very nervious as I have never done this, but I feel very excited to have such resource available. Due to time constrains I have not started the website yet, but the following is an outline of some of the material I want to incorporate:

I. A Place Called Chiapas History of the state of Chiapas, the conditions of poverty and oppression experienced by indigenous Maya in Chiapas. I plan to include data from various scholars including (June Nash, George Collier, Tom Hayden, Michael Coe, and others).

  • Links to documentaries: include in this section a link to the documentary by Nettie Wild titled A Place Called Chiapas.

II. Who are the Zapatistas?- In this section I would like to explore the history of the development of the Zapatista movement. I plan to incorporate the paper I wrote last semester where I connect the movement with Marxist theory and relevance to other social justice movements.

  • Link this section to Zapatista videos available through You Tube, and the documentary titled Zapatista. As well as other online articles written on the Zapatistas, including Wikipedia (only after I revise some aspects there).

III. We are all Marcos- this section will explore where the Zapatistas are today and their international followers. This section will list the various organizations and international efforts to support the Zapatistas, including the chapters in the U.S. and the European communities of Zapatistas supporters.

  • Links to this section will include the Zapatista Official website Enlace Zapatista, as well as other organizations’ websites and information on how to get involved in promoting social justice among the indigenous Maya.

IV. Media Studies & Democracy- in this section I plan to bring in relevant scholarship from Media Studies to the exploration of the democratization effects of the media in the contemporary times. I plan to incorporate material from our class, the work of Media Studies scholars, including K. Fitzpatrick, K. Hayles, and Mc Luhan to mention a few.

  • Link this section to our discussions and articles we have read this semester.

2 responses to “Project Outline

  1. I think it’s awesome that you are trying out this new form and putting your paper online. Your topic is very influential to many people that would not have access to your paper, and the website will allow more people to read about your research and to access the resources you make available. I would recommend using WordPress to make your website. I think it is the most user friendly, you can have a template that is already designed for you, and it gives you more control and options than using a site like blogspot. I am using WordPress to do a similar thing you are doing with my own thesis and I am really happy with it.

  2. This is a great new direction for your project, Tlali; like jori, I’m excited about the kinds of public outreach that your project will be able to do. I’d also agree with jori that using something like WordPress will enable you to focus on the structure and content of the site rather than getting too caught up in the technical end. It will also provide you with a range of options for the design and structure of the site that will be flexible and updatable. Keep me posted as you’re working; I’ll look forward to hearing how this is developing.