A Poetic Freeway: An Outline

I. For my project A Poetic Freeway I plan on using a variety of mediums on which I will write my poems, all of which will be interconnected and even loop in on themselves.

A. I plan on composing a story containing somewhere from 15-25 poems all varying in length and form that address the idea of technology and the way it has affected our culture in modern society. 

1. I will use are digital text, videos (images I filmed with the poems dubbed over), recordings (mp3), and paper (writing and typewriter).

2. I plan on having there be the same amount of poems for each different medium.  The mediums

B. My project will be presented as a website that contains the videos, recordings and digital text, however, for my poems on paper I will create little booklets and distribute them to everyone in class (some will contain photographs related to the poem). 

1. Once on my website there will be a specific poem that starts off the story.

2. All of the poems will have three options of different poems after you’ve finished reading them (they will vary in which medium they’re presented).

3. At the end of each poem you will have the opportunity to choose between links that take you to different poems on the web page or I will present the title of one of the poems in the booklet and its page number as one of the three options.

4. Some of the poems will send you back to a poem that you might have already read (loop back into themselves).

II.  I want the audience to take into consideration not only the message behind each poem but the way in which reading them in different mediums affected their reading of the story. Considering I have a limited number of poems, I’m pretty sure everyone will get through the entire story. 

A.            My hope is that everyone can write a paragraph describing their experience while reading the poems.

B.             At the end, I hope to have a discussion about the different experiences everyone had.

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