Interesting video

We all KNOW this stuff… but it’s still interesting to watch this video.


I think that one of the most interesting things that this video brings up is change in the media landscape. Although many would say they are “mourning the loss” of print media, this video really shows that while one medium might be on the decline, there is a whole new medium of the internet that is opening up more possibilities for writing and communication that were not fully expressed with the print medium.

What will be absolutely necessary, and is starting to open, is for there to be effective ways to search through the millions and what will be billions of pages of the internet. I think there will also be better ways to establish legitimacy and accuracy on the web. So, although our generation may not be able to appreciate the “newness” of the first internet technologies, we are able to see the progression of internet material from total chaos to hopeful organization and legitimacy.

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