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Doing some thesis research I came across this Wired article that relates to our class. Kevin Kelly interviews Ted Delson about hypertext and talks about the past/present/future of the internet. Good quote:

“I believed him. Despite his quirks, it was clear to me that a hyperlinked world was inevitable – someday. But looking back now, after 10 years of living online, what surprises me about the genesis of the Web is how much was missing from Vannevar Bush’s vision, Nelson’s docuverse, and my own expectations. We all missed the big story. The revolution launched by Netscape’s IPO was only marginally about hypertext and human knowledge. At its heart was a new kind of participation that has since developed into an emerging culture based on sharing. And the ways of participating unleashed by hyperlinks are creating a new type of thinking – part human and part machine – found nowhere else on the planet or in history.

Not only did we fail to imagine what the Web would become, we still don’t see it today! We are blind to the miracle it has blossomed into. And as a result of ignoring what the Web really is, we are likely to miss what it will grow into over the next 10 years. Any hope of discerning the state of the Web in 2015 requires that we own up to how wrong we were 10 years ago.”

Fore more: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/13.08/tech.html

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