Project Proposal

So this is my working proposal, and I might adjust it a little bit.  My project is based around the idea of authorship and new media,  specifically focusing on blog content.  What I’m going to do is choose different blog at random each day – there’s a feature on blogspot that let’s you do so – and write a blog post based on their most recent blog post.  I’m going to mimic the form and style, and write commentary on the content of the blog.   Doing so, I hope look at the different ways that amateur “publishing” is achieved, while considering how we define the “author,” and how what creates legitimacy in writing.  Is it be published?  Are blogs consider a valid form of publishing?  etc

In essence, I’m making a blog about blogs; using the medium I’m analyzing as a tool of analysis itself.  I recognize that I’m partially limited by my lack of computer code skills.  However, this ties into what draws me to the blog.  Limited computer knowledge is necessary beyond the basic computer skills.  You don’t need to be a computer programmer or an academic to write a blog – it is accessible to anyone with a computer and the Internet.  The Internet is flooded with blogs about everything and anything, written by people ranging from all ages.  Through this I hope to gain a better understand of what compels people to write blogs, what they write about, and what makes us read specific blogs as well.

I’m probably going to expand on the form of my project over the next week, but as of now, this is my working idea.

7 responses to “Project Proposal

  1. are you going to pick one type of blog to analyze? political/cultural/feminist/mom? or are you going to jump around a lot. It may be interesting to pick one and really delve into that world of blogging, seeing how the different authors relate to each other while writing about similar topics. I am writing a thesis chapter on blogging right now and can send you my working bibliography if you are interesting. There are more books on blogging than you would think…

  2. interested***

    here are a couple:
    -Blog! : how the newest media revolution is changing politics, business, and culture / David Kline
    -Blogging America : the new public sphere / Aaron Barlow
    -Blogging, citizenship, and the future of media / edited by Mark Tremayne
    -Zero comments : blogging and critical Internet culture / Geert Lovink
    (I do have them all checked out, but I bet you can link-plus them)

  3. I like the idea of a blog about blog analysis. However, I’m not so sure about the aspect of the project that involves mimicking the form and style of the blog in question. Do you intend to do the analysis in the voice of the blogger you’re analyzing? Or will the two forms of response be separate?

    I’m a little unclear on how the mimicry factors into the project and how it serves your analysis of new media authorship. Part of the appeal of blogs is the incredible variety of personal expression, and it will definitely be interesting to explore the ways that various bloggers’ writing styles depart from or adhere to the conventions of “professional” writing.

    Hipster Runoff, for example, became notorious for cultural commentary rendered in a bizarre, catchy parody of AIM-addled tweenspeak. One writer responded with a tongue-in-cheek Hipster Runnoff “Manual of Style”.

    Come to think of it, maybe a “manual of style” would be an interesting way to analyze your blogs without having to imitate them. I like the idea of a close analysis of style, but I’m concerned that imitation could come off as parody (unless you intend it to be, in which case you should probably make that clear.)

  4. Haha, yes! I love this. Writing a blog about blogs really intrigues me considering I’m a giant Baudrillard fan and this reminds me of his concept on simulations and simulacra. Here’s the question? Will your mimicry of these blogs erase their purpose? Will your collection/filtration/summarization of these blogs destroy them considering your blog will almost incorporate the same styles/ideas/writing? Also, I understand you’re not in dire need of any more blogs, but if you’re interested my friends have some pretty great ones.

  5. Yeah, the whole mimicry idea was just something I was throwing around trying to give the project more depth, but the more I think about it, the more unnecessary it seems. I was hoping to analyzing a broad range of blogs at random, just to see what I come up with. Also, I feel like that will help illustrate the wide range of authorship on the internet, and accessibility of publishing that might be lost by focusing on one particular format.

    Also, I’m totally open for any blog recommendations, so just send them my way. The more the merrier!

  6. This sounds great, Clio, and I’m glad you’ve modified your idea in response to the comments; the mimicry part threw me off a bit as well. But a meta-blog driven by a bit of chance seems like a great idea. Jori’s sources will help you think some about genre; you might also look at the edited volume Uses of Blogs and Jill Walker Rettberg’s book, Blogging.

    My remaining question is about timing; given that you’ll need the element of time in order to produce daily posts, when do you plan to begin? My sense is that you should probably start sooner rather than later — perhaps before you feel entirely ready — so that you can reflect on how the project develops over time, how your reading and blogging practices change.

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Send along a link once you’re up and running!

  7. Sorry for my late comments Clio. Your project sounds very interesting and innovative, yet I agree with Jori that it seems a bit too broad. I would suggest identifying a theme and the exploring the medium and the responses people have towards the particular topic. I have found it easier to put together a project when it is more specific rather than broad. Perhaps you can find something that really interests you so it would be more fun to explore. Jori’s topic on using the internet as means to promote democratic principles for example, is very interesting and timely.
    Good luck 🙂