Kindle content perchance

J.M. Coetzee's new book is weird. It's a split screen. Each page has 3 sections that they're calling streams. The top stream is essays, the middle a diary from an authoroid, and the bottom a monologue from a character. There's no "look inside" function on Amazon yet which is annoying cuz I really wanna see what the page looks like.

New Learning techniques(Also a brain break from project!)

Trying to find inspiration for my constantly disintegrating project I stumbled on this site, the purveyor of games that teach algebra and pre-algebra.

The games seem relatively interesting, but nothing special. I was amused/frightened/interested in some of the assertions they make.

As We May Think: How did this guy predict all this?

As I read "As We May Think" I found myself writing a ton in the margins. Everything he predicted or described brought up in me some sort of modern technology. When he wrote about the department store and the ability to combine the information from the object, the seller, and the consumer into one I thought immediately of bar codes and credit cards. The personal library he thought of is our modern day laptop (or even a desktop computer). If you have a laptop and an internet connection you have in your posession much of the printed literature from the last half of the 20th century and on.

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