The E-Mail Novel

I really enjoyed reading "Kind of Blue." I thought the story itself was compelling and it was nice to have the reading broken up into little pieces (e-mails). E-mail is an interesting platform for a novel because it is virtually all dialogue. We only know what the characters themselves know (either they have written the e-mails or they have received them). Granted, we have acess to the e-mail boxes of many characters, so we have slightly more information, but all of the information we're reading was read by at least two characters.

the value of narrative

Something of what I was trying to say at the end of class today didn't quite get through, probably because I didn't say it. Once we have recognized the fact that new media have (already!) changed the way we structure the world outside of our computer screens, I think we have to ask ourselves whether that development is an improvement.

The New Interface?

Thought of this video after watching the photosynth demo and amateur in Stumpy's Blog.

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