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i know we're all busy with our final projects, but we should definitely not forget about the wiki. we have a lot of good content i think. who put up the andrew marvell poem? i love that poem. i was talking to devin, and he was saying that we need to focus on making the pages link between each other more. right now, it's really easy to get stuck on a page, with no way to get anywhere else. and a lot of the pages, even the really long ones, have only one or two hyperlinks.

wa wa wa wiki?


We need to make sure we don't forget about the wiki!!!! it needs some tender love and care, even though we are struggling with our projects. that's really all i had to say.

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a couple questions:

1. is it possible to embed video in the wiki? i've tried it several times and can't figure out how to do it. i also tried to save it to my desktop and then upload it, but apparently you can't dl youtube videos.

2. did any of you check out all of katherine hayles' books from the library? i have a sneaking suspicion, since the due dates aren't until january...

have a good break!


So I added some new stuff. Hoping to get some feedback. I introduced narrative in reaction to the fact that I thought the wiki was too sprawling, too tenuously connected to be interesting for me to read. I wanted someway to establish intertextuality between posts beyond the obvious 'quotes about war and love.' I no this is a little antithetical to our interest in exploring the ability of a wiki to defy traditional narrative boundaries. I am not however proposing a turn to a conceived hyper-fiction.

wiki question


does anyone know how to put an indent into the wiki?

All's Fair in Love and War


I'm worried that the war part of the wiki is very text centered whereas the love part of the wiki is very link centered. my only worry is that the war one is setup for more growth right now... whereas the love one seems like a lot of the links are external so they sort of die (i guess?) and aren't easy to branch from. thoughts?

more wiki love


well, i finally put some more stuff on the wiki. add to it as you wish. also, i'm interested to know whether anyone gets this reference, so please let me know.


I thought I would make this a new thread so it would be a little more immediate and present.

wiki worries


hello fellow internet personalities,

i'm thinking we need to rework the wiki. TimberOfFennario--you're going to use your content for your personal project, right? considering our wiki right now is made up of mostly TOF's contributions, it won't be much of a hassle to start over. shall we just start randomly and see where it goes (because the direction it's going right now isn't exactly random, it's the result of a good plan)? thoughts?





Since we've been talking a lot in this course about the ways that new media use pre-existing content, I thought that might be a nice place to start for our Wiki.

We could make a narrative out of content that already exists and mix different forms of media, like websites, books, videos and songs.

The other thing I thought of was that we could somehow give a different meaning to something that already exists. This is an example (and it's enjoyable so definitely watch it):

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