more on reading

New Yorker article on the NEA Reading at Risk report, Ong's theory of orality and literacy, McLuhan, brain stuff, a retelling of the illiterate peasant tool grouping story, television, and lots of other stuff we've talked about this semester.

New Learning techniques(Also a brain break from project!)

Trying to find inspiration for my constantly disintegrating project I stumbled on this site, the purveyor of games that teach algebra and pre-algebra.

The games seem relatively interesting, but nothing special. I was amused/frightened/interested in some of the assertions they make.

democratization of technology

Those of you who happened to catch the business section of the NYTimes this morning might have seen this article on the new "Cubic" phone that's being marketed as "the first global mobile phone." a cellphone without bordes Although in theory you can make calls from your AT&T or T-Mobile phone using the same kind of international network, the ra

The Great Conversation

I've been thinking on Ong's writing on immutability of writing. More specifically how the internet is both complicating and destroying what he sees as the classical objection to text. This is, as I read it, that speech always came from a speaker and that, that speaker could be questioned and challenged. Print even when challenged remains immutable and aloof.

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