So I added some new stuff. Hoping to get some feedback. I introduced narrative in reaction to the fact that I thought the wiki was too sprawling, too tenuously connected to be interesting for me to read. I wanted someway to establish intertextuality between posts beyond the obvious 'quotes about war and love.' I no this is a little antithetical to our interest in exploring the ability of a wiki to defy traditional narrative boundaries. I am not however proposing a turn to a conceived hyper-fiction.

narrative spread so thin you didn't even realize it was there

Walker needs to stop tossing around the word narrative. She admits as much:

•"Neither Obey nor Space Invaders uses narratie in the formal sense as defined by narratologists." (p. 14)

• "...if my various self-represenations on the web can be read as a narrative (and that may not be the best descriptive term), ..." (p. 15)

• "Perhaps these aggregated narratives are not true narratives." (p. 17)

the value of narrative

Something of what I was trying to say at the end of class today didn't quite get through, probably because I didn't say it. Once we have recognized the fact that new media have (already!) changed the way we structure the world outside of our computer screens, I think we have to ask ourselves whether that development is an improvement.

Some Thoughts on the Reading

Before class tomorrow, I want to write out in (virtual) print some of my thoughts on the reading, as much so that I can get them straight in my head as anything else. I won't bother trying to organize them into a coherent bundle now.

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