democratization of technology

Those of you who happened to catch the business section of the NYTimes this morning might have seen this article on the new "Cubic" phone that's being marketed as "the first global mobile phone." a cellphone without bordes Although in theory you can make calls from your AT&T or T-Mobile phone using the same kind of international network, the ra

Selection on YouTube

When we were talking about Manovich's idea that one of the principles of new media is that it involves selection, meaning that one can choose from images, text, and pieces that have already been made to make something new. The first thing I thought of was this YouTube video called Amateur , in which the author videotapes himself making sounds on a drumset and a piano and then edits them together to make a song.

even fools like new technology!

Hokay, so: I was just in the middle of posting a comment to gnugnu's last entry, but my internet decided to do what internet does best and mysteriously refreshed itself, thus deleting my comment. So I decided to post it as a blog entry instead, because it does in fact relate to the reading.

Some Thoughts on the Reading

Before class tomorrow, I want to write out in (virtual) print some of my thoughts on the reading, as much so that I can get them straight in my head as anything else. I won't bother trying to organize them into a coherent bundle now.

On Manovich

FYI -- for tomorrow's class, I'm going to want to focus on the introduction and first two chapters ("What Is New Media?" and "The Interface") of The Language of New Media. Come with specific aspects of the text in mind that you'd like to discuss. (In fact, you might begin your discussion of them here...)

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