we feel fine


So I was looking for more information on We Feel Fine and I stumbled upon this amazing website called Infosthetics that has an amazing library of online visualization projects. I think there are about 100 pages of archives and I looked at about 20, so there's much more for us to explore.

we feel fine?

i just realized that you can view emotions by city and that they have quite a few from claremont. soon after that, i realized that you can follow an entry to the blog whence it came. so you have access to most blogs written by people in claremont (i can't imagine that our blogs contribute). it's a little odd. it's refreshing to read sentiments rarely expressed IRL here, but it also feels creepy to think that i could know the people writing. i actually did stumble on a blog written by someone i sort of know who graduated last year. i stopped browsing after that.

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