A side note


Found This working on project.... it was both interesting and irritating.

I thought it was very self-defeating and pompous. Took an interesting premise and butchered it with a strange self-satisfying and superficial analysis. Maybe if anyone has time they can offer their own take.

Ender's Game

So, at my own academic peril, I just re-read Ender's Game . A helluva tale, everything you could want in a piece of science fiction and perfect, I think, for middle schoolers. There are two important games in the book. One is a fantasy game that all the cadets in battle school play on their memex-like "desks" which are essentially laptops that you put yourself into, similar to old fashioned cameras where the photographer got under a curtain.

Should Wii be playing outside instead?

I was looking through Henry Jenkins blog when I noticed an article called " Are games art?

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