this is perversely interesting


the bombshell.

do we really think that this is lori drew? would she really close with "here i am, internet. come get me."?? everything about the blog seems designed to provoke maximum outrage - and maximum readership. how perverted is it for someone to use this as a springboard to her fifteen minutes? how perverted is it that i could even consider that?

MySpace account makes girl committ suicide


this is highly disturbing:

Real death as a result of a phony MySpace account... be careful who you mess with, campagnolo...

Face Book ((What literally?) Yes, Literally)

A brief Introduction. This is being posted at, I estimate, 1:30. I estimated at beginning of writing, and won't change it. Will that estimate be accurate? Am I lying? You'll never know and that is exactly the point.

A briefer introduction, which I promise is true. I have been thinking about this project for a week straight at the expense of other work. Such as posting on this blog. My hiatus as been well spent, I promise. I hope. We'll see.

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