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Everyone post the link to your completed final project here, and say what browser to view it in:

jughead's (best viewed in mozilla):

have a great break!

another update

well, i'm almost done. i know you're all super busy, but i'd really appreciate any more feedback.

here's the main page. it looks a little screwy in firefox, but it looks normal in safari. i'll have to figure that out.

here are the things i have left to do. this is as much for me as for you.

put the image citation information on the sources page.

proofread (make sure all the pages are named and all the links go to the right places and check for typos etc.).

another update


thanks a ton for your comments. they were very helpful, and i've enacted most of them (although not on all the pages).

here's a page that's pretty close to how i want all of them to look:

i really like how the quotation mark looks. i'm going to use three different kinds of quotation marks and three different fonts, for the dryden ovid (linked above) and the criticism and the theory.

Campagnolo's Project

So are you going to be using screen shots of real people's profiles, or are you just going to create entirely new ones? Also, if you want the pages to feel realistic, make sure you consider that in facebook, basically all of your information is an active link. You don't use facebook so I'm not sure whether you know this, but whenever someone updates their profile it says what they updated on theirmini feed. As in "Becca updated her About Me section." Are you going to be using this when you make the subtle and not so subtle changes? Or are they even more subtle than that?


So I'm finishing my project right now (or at least trying to) and I'm sort of stuck. Like I said in class, I have 100 or so pages and not enough post-Little-Prince published works to post next to my entries. I know some of you suggested I write my own content, but I'm hesitant to do that. I started to write some, but it's sort of against my whole project idea, which is that this website is the entire intertextual work of The Little Prince. I guess I feel like my personal additions seem out of place.

my project


This is the starting page I showed you guys in class for my project:


Do you think it would be better to keep it like this, and have the possibility of clicking five different links that take you to different examples of the types of pages I have, or just have one link that leads you into the first card in my "version" of the story? Actually, yeah, I think I'm going to change it to the second option... I don't want to reveal my Chaos and Order pages right off the bat. Do you guys have any other suggestions? thanks!

project update

ok here's a link: http://pages.pomona.edu/~apb02004/drydenone.html

i fixed the images problem, i think.

there are still things i
> need to do to make it look better - i.e. align the arrows better,
> fix the southwest arrows, insert the giant quotation mark (that will
> look cool, i think - thanks for the tip), put color in the text
> box, and vary the text formatting some more. in the end, ovid's
> story, criticism of ovid, and literary theory will each have a
> distinct format. please let me know if you think of anything else i

stephanie's project


wow. stephanie, you have a lot to teach me about formatting. how did you do all that? especially your front page - that's amazing. also, i mentioned in my post to sam that i shared his problem of having an ugly block of text at the top of the page - how did you make yours centered and big like that?

sam's project


as i've said before, i really like all the content up there (that was also on the wiki). i also like the skeleton you've put in place for the rest of it. where do you think the map will fit in? how present will it be? one extreme: it's on every page, along with a dot that tells you where you are. the other extreme: it's on only one page, and although it links out to all the pages, it's hard to get to. i imagine getting the map up there in the first place must be tough.

becca's project


well, i like it a lot. it's hard to go wrong with the little prince.

i like that that picture is on every page also. i think i told you that when i was talking to you in person.

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