New Learning techniques(Also a brain break from project!)

Trying to find inspiration for my constantly disintegrating project I stumbled on this site, the purveyor of games that teach algebra and pre-algebra.

The games seem relatively interesting, but nothing special. I was amused/frightened/interested in some of the assertions they make.

wa wa wa wiki?


We need to make sure we don't forget about the wiki!!!! it needs some tender love and care, even though we are struggling with our projects. that's really all i had to say.

Here we go

I think this is really the beginning.

But as interesting and notable as I think this release is, I have written enough uninteresting stuff about electronic books. I really posted this because I want you to watch for the first text to come up on the reader during the promotional video. Yeah they're thinking about it.

gobble gobble

a couple questions:

1. is it possible to embed video in the wiki? i've tried it several times and can't figure out how to do it. i also tried to save it to my desktop and then upload it, but apparently you can't dl youtube videos.

2. did any of you check out all of katherine hayles' books from the library? i have a sneaking suspicion, since the due dates aren't until january...

have a good break!

suggested readings


We need to decide tomorrow on what you'd like to read for the week after Thanksgiving. Use the comments on this post to make some suggestions, and we can discuss them tomorrow...


in what can be construed as wark's introduction, he uses the allegory of the cave to describe the lives of gamers inside an internet cafe. he goes on to talk about how beyond the cave, there are only more caves, but he seems to think that this is a uniquely modern phenomenon:

south park and virtual reality

i used to watch south park a lot. it's a pretty smart show, especially when it comes to stuff about the media. i actually wrote my final paper for MS 49 about how south park teaches media literacy.

MySpace account makes girl committ suicide


this is highly disturbing:

Real death as a result of a phony MySpace account... be careful who you mess with, campagnolo...

implemented <em> Implementation </em>

Spotted a little bit of Implementation stuck on Walker Wall today. Walking north through the northern opening you'll see it most of the way up the little protuberance that marks the northeastern end of the wall. It is south facing. Something about Frank and pirates.

grand theft (virtual) furniture

for those who were wondering whether you can do real bad stuff in virtual worlds: teen arrested for stealing virtual furniture.

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