MySpace account makes girl committ suicide


this is highly disturbing:

Real death as a result of a phony MySpace account... be careful who you mess with, campagnolo...

read here

so did Slate, w/ a copy of the cyber-stalking resolution the mayor passed

wow...just, wow.

is there even the slightest chance this is fake?

well I mean I assumed it was written by an adult but I don't know. It really stunk of an adult trying to sound like a child to me. And as I would see it I don't see a child feeling the need to get that out, it has no purpose but to excuse the actions of Lori Drew, and I don't see that any young girl but maybe her daughter would have that motivation.

like, no one liked her anyway and she was a total bitch, so she like, totally deserved to die. and i killed her...

This is a really good example of how the Internet can sometimes be a horrible forum. Sometimes it's great to have people of different viewpoints because it allows you to reason through your own viewpoint. Sometimes peoples viewpoints are so ridiculous and unfounded (imagine that guy who protests on 6th street to tell us all we are heathens and that homosexuals and "girly" me will rot in hell) that they don't promote very rational dialogue and instead cause people to resort to cursing and saying things like "I'll bet your mother never loved you," which have nothing to do with the topic at hand. In this instance, not only does this blog seem ridiculous, but the blog allows for anonymity which is causing it to become a mess of curse words and stupidity. Reading through all 1000+ comments I found few people who wrote logically (and grammatically) and zero times when the author of the blog seemed to listen to the comments posted. I was really outraged about what "Kristen" had written, but how do you show that? The comments just bounced off her. I think in addition to the readers feeling like it was safe for them to go off on her in comments because she seems less real (as a blog), she too probably felt like they weren't that real. (This could be a blog just to get a rise out of people, but the basic principle is still there). It seems like no one feels responsible for what they're saying and no one is listening to others because it's not like voices where you can't hear each other if you're all talking. This blog really gave me the creeps, including the people responding.

Also, I definitely think it is an adult, or at least an older teenager just looking to screw around with people.

Oh I think it is an adult, but I don't see any possibility that they just wantt to screw around. First off it would take a fabulously irrational mind to conceive of everything they wrote about the girl. I think they probably had to be close to the situation, and that some amount of what was written resembles truth. What teenager isn't vapid, mean, and vain? The disgusting irrationality is that, that somehow equates to guilt.

No, I think whoever wrote the blog genuinely believes that she is responsible. The human mind has an incredible power to plasticize morality in order to make actions tenable. Someone started with the preconception that the Drew family were basically good people and innocent and found the most logical way to justify that, and act of reverse reasoning. This makes me believe that the most likely writer would be a family member or very close friend.

Of course I could be wrong.

The anonymity of the internet is troublesome here. I think perhaps more bothersome is the tendency of the internet to sensationalize. Why does a site like this garner so much attention? Clearly I'm guilty, I posted the link. Granted it does make an interesting case for the very questions we are asking now. Disregarded it has no power. I am not sure what I think here, maybe we shouldn't disregard it. Do the sensationalist tendencies of the internet have any benefit? I don't know.

does the internet really have sensationalist tendencies? we should think about the degree to which this blog was made possible by the internet. obviously, it couldn't exist in its current form without the internet, but sensationalism in general certainly has a long history. we should also think about the degree to which the original suicide was "caused" by myspace, as all the major media outlets have made it seem. to make a terrible analogy for lack of a better one: do you remember the simpsons episode where bart creates a fictional character interested in his teacher? he does it through the newspapers' personals section. is there really something about myspace, or about the internet itself that lends itself to these things?