second life

i sent links to the "get a first life" page to a couple of my friends. i just had a discussion with one of them about how she met this guy on the subway (in new york) a while ago who was really into second life. some tidbits:

he had surgery, for something i forget, and during his recuperation (he couldn't go to his job) he played second life twenty hours a day.

he had a wife in real life, but he also had a different wife in "second life." the first wife does not know about the second wife. he doesn't consider it cheating though, because they aren't sexual (he hasn't even purchased genitals) together. they just go on really long motorcycle rides.

he's a biker in second life. he looks sort of like his physical self, except beefier, and with a beard. and he's a biker. he and his wife bike around and go to biker bars and shoot the shit with other bikers.

his job in second life is designing lingerie.

this is some creepy shit. CNN has placed a booth in Second Life, which means that in the virtual world of Second Life there are virtual reporters who report on what is happening in this virtual world. While this is cool and new and crazily unnecessary (like much technology) the idea of "news" in Second Life is the scariest part. The news is supposed to be a filter that tells us what we need to know. It is scary enough that there are people like the one gnugnu is talking about--people who begin to believe that Second Life is their real life. Having CNN report inside Second Life seems to legitimize this lifestyle. Of course the news tends to be biased and if Fox news is allowed to broadcast "Do you know what your kid is doing at the mall?" then why shouldn't we have CNN reporting fake news in a fake world?

Who says they aren't already?