"totally against graffiti"


i haven't found a distributed narrative i want to talk about in class yet, but i did stumble upon this.

"T.A.G. - Totally Against Graffiti" reminds kids to " Stop Graffiti and We All Win.”

Pleeeeease look at this garbage

Their totally educational homework packet

This one is big on learning, and thinking critically

Honestly this is only getting better

I don't know If I'm accidentally shitting on the 8 year old by linking this, but this is what illustrates their notion of ..
"· Overall creativity/originality
· Composition
· Techniques/Use of media
· Concept development
· Appropriateness to the “Difference Between Art and Graffiti” theme"

I have never seen a worse way to approach a topic. This is the most idiotic program and most pathetic attempt at indoctrination I have ever seen. I'm hardly a strong proponent of graffiti, but this compels me strongly to deface the most valuable and beautiful things I can find. I find especially ironic how disgusting all of their graphics and logos are.