Borf is the tag of a graffiti artist who did most of his art in DC. His tag is supposed to be a reference to a friend of his, "Bobby Fisher" who committed suicide. I went to high school in the district and I remember everyone's excitement upon finding out that there was a Borf tag right next to our school. But then it sparked a discussion about whether or not it was a real Borf because at the time, the real Borf was going through some pretty intense legal stuff. I think that for the most part, the Borf "narrative" was created by tons of copycats who did more than just graffiti. If you read to the bottom of the wikipedia article, it talks about an exhibit that was done and pamphlets that were made that seemed to say more than the original Borf has intended. Borf sometimes tagged his own name, but not always. The copycats of Borf focused a lot on tagging the name "Borf" so that is one way to tell the difference. Are the copycats making Borf's "narrative" feral because they are tampering with the text? Apparently the ability to write in wikipedia makes it feral, but the collective knowledge is what I like about it. But somehow I dislike the idea that people are going around tagging in the name of Borf. Perhaps its because they are going it under a guise.