A righteous Fellow

I can't help but tell this story. There is straight-up insane patron of a bar I attend in Minneapolis called Bullwinkle's. He is always there. I can't remember his name which is too bad.

Here is his deal. He pays you one hundred dollars and he tattoos a picture of his face on you. This has conditions. By taking his tattoo you joined his army. At some point in the future he will call you to rise up against the forces of capitalism.

I have weighed joining his army for obvious reasons. In the end he is not a very talented tattoo artist, so I have always said no. I have two friends who have made the leap, and he claims to have over 700 soldiers, which I believe.

besides obvious similarities to skin, and Andre (whose stickers I put up in highschool) I think our nuts-drunk-tatooer is establishing a narrative. Similar to that of Andre it has a lot to do with phenomenology. Raising questions by being ambiguous and essentially meaningless. A discourse is created that challenges cliched notions of body-art and of life-style. And he is an artist. My question, is this distributed literature, and if not does it have any merit beyond entertainment value, in the realm of literature.

I put up some of these in high school. Super sweet website with database of hoopers from all over.

Whatever you do,
Take care of your shoes...