Stumble Your Way into Art

Walker mentions a work called "The Unknown" in which the author encouraged inbound links so that readers would "stumble" upon the work, while on other websites. This made me think of an artist I was learning about in ceramics class (the name escapes me now, but I will post it on Tuesday) who would make really tiny models (I think of cities) and place them in random locations around cities like inside a phone booth or inside a museum stairwell. People who were going about their daily business would run into these really excquisite sculptures in the most mundane places. I love the idea of hiding your work (I think Jackson's skin is almost hiding itself as well). I don't like it in the ergodic sense, as in, if I needed to find it, say for this class, I would not be happy about searching the web to find the link. But I do like the way that it tries to reach out to people who aren't expecting to find it, to engross them in one of the web's hidden treasures.