wiki question


does anyone know how to put an indent into the wiki? i tried, but it seems to work only when it's opening a paragraph. here's the page i tried it on, to no avail. in other news, i'm hoping to connect the war and love thread through this page. the poem is all about dying for love of your country, i.e. in war. i will supply an english translation of the poem when i get around to it. please let me know if you think i should translate "dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" and "dulce et decorum est pro puella mori." the first one is, i think, a pretty well known-phrase, and the second is just a tiny bit different. i hope you can figure out the general sense of "puella" simply by reading the next page. also, if anyone wants to throw up wilfred owen's great poem, dulce et decorum est, feel free. think a bit about where to put it, because i'm not sure.