All's Fair in Love and War


I'm worried that the war part of the wiki is very text centered whereas the love part of the wiki is very link centered. my only worry is that the war one is setup for more growth right now... whereas the love one seems like a lot of the links are external so they sort of die (i guess?) and aren't easy to branch from. thoughts?

well, i'd say that at least a couple of us (including myself) obviously haven't put much work into the wiki yet (apologies), so let's see where it takes off once it gets some more posts.

hmmm, first posting of this doesn't seem to have gone through. Anyway i have posted nothing on the wiki. I plead to busy, which is more than just an excuse, I find myseld skipping showers because I don't feel like I have time. Who would make up something like that.
I meant to post this weekend but couldn't find time. I will start posting soooon. Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday maybe even a little tonight, if I can even remember the proper process. I do not think that either will go un-expounded enough. I don't even think they will stay remotely separate, but I suppose we will have to see about that. Regardless its good you brought it up, but I've got plenty of love waiting to be spread around.

there's something else i just noticed. the "love" section of the wiki is actually way grosser than the "war" section - i didn't really anticipate that (although it's admittedly mostly my doing).

i really like the link to that love calculator page, but it's not where i would have put it. right now, it's under "the kind you go to jail for" / "new school." while it is admittedly new school, i don't think you'd go to jail for trying to calculate love. i was hoping for a really big front page with lots of different kinds, so i would put it on the first "love" page. we haven't really established wiki etiquette though, so i'm hesitant to move it.


ok, i'm just going to move it. if you object, feel free to move it back and then we can talk it out.

i put it there

and I remember the "new school" "old school" thing and i obviously forgot that it actually came from the "kind you go to jail for" link

so yeah, obviously we should move it. Since you have an idea for where to put it... you wanna take that challenge?