how do you read?

if new media authors are going to try to communicate in new ways, readers of new media are going to have to figure out how to understand in new ways also.

when i read a book, i know how i'm supposed to read it. read the first page and repeat. of course, because the conventions for new media are still being established, there is no parallel way one is "supposed" to read. lexia to perplexia (as i should have guessed from the title, is very hard to read in any traditional way. the text is often deliberate obscured by other text or by graphics, thereby making much of it unreadable. i still feel drawn to the text, and i feel frustrated that i can't read some of it.

i have so far had trouble figuring out a way to read lexia to perplexia that i like. how do you all read it? do you totally ignore the text and play with the interface? do you try to read everything? do you focus more on the graphic elements? some combination?