more wiki love


well, i finally put some more stuff on the wiki. add to it as you wish. also, i'm interested to know whether anyone gets this reference, so please let me know.

Umm I get it and there is only one thing to say:


i didn't want to make it any more obvious than that. also i totally forgot about the lyle lovett reference. i don't even know who that is. anyway if there are any more i forgot feel free to add them. i want to change them all over to directly uploaded pictures so we don't steal the other websites' bandwith (as though the amount of traffic we're getting will matter). i forget how to do that though... does anyone remember how or where it is explained on the site?

save the images in your my webs folder, then do
img src="filename.jgp" surrounded by the open/close tags

Also, i don't understand the reference... am i supposed to?

what are the open/close tags again? i've saved the images, so i'm almost done... so close.

as for the reference... i guess it's just something you either remember or not. it's all from that song "bad touch" that came out, i think, when we were in middle school. the reason i think it's interesting in this context is that it's so full of random references that don't cohere at all with each other or with the song. the images i posted, removed from the song, don't make any sense and are totally asexual. but in the song, they're totally different. i don't think i can quite explain how. maybe you should just listen to the song. although your experience listening to it now will be very different from mine when i listened to it in middle school, and from how i remember it.

that's even more heinous than i remember. i'd never seen the video before.

o. m. g. blech!