term project

well, i've barely started thinking about my term project and already it has taken a different form. because the romans borrowed so many myths (all of their cool ones) whole cloth from the greeks, it's proving nearly impossible for me to find a myth that exists only in latin documents (i.e. ones that i can read).

as a result, i have decided to shift my focus a bit. instead of trying to trace back toward the roots of a myth, i will trace forward. the myth of arachne is documented mostly in ovid's metaphorphoses, as far as i can tell, even though it too is supposed to be greek originally (i'm not sure how they know this if ovid's is truly the only account). anyway, the point is that i will not cover the ancient tellings of the myth, but instead will focus on the different forms it has taken after the fall or rome, through the renaissance and into modern times. there's a really cool painting by velazquez that pictures the myth, and of course spiderman to a certain extent springs from the arachne.

i also think that the myth of arachne in particular is interesting because it relates to so many aspects of new media. arachne used then modern technology to create incredibly realistic and immersive tapestries, tapestries so good that she claimed to be better than even the gods. remember my dinosaur post?