I thought I would make this a new thread so it would be a little more immediate and present.

I won't be so presumptuous to say that the wiki needs a change, but I will say I need more from the wiki. I have posted nothing. I very much like the idea of the wiki being formless, an expression of our attempts to transcend convention. What I am struggling with is the wiki being themeless. I think we can branch and expand on a base theme in seemingly unimaginable ways that seem to move beyond the original theme but there will still be a theme. I think it had a theme but now that TOF is dropping his stuff, and rightly I think, We have a theme which is defunct.

I think we need a new theme. I don't think it has to even be consensus anyway, really any idea will do, but we need a beginning. Maybe beginning is a better word than theme. I think a theme will develop and change as we each impose our own designs, but we need a beginning to start. I think what will be interesting is the end idea found by 5 people thinking independently. If we don't ever achieve some sort of framework I think it will be unpleasant to read. (which might in itself be interesting, and I think maybe impossible?).

In my mind it could be as simple as a word, (you know what if an entire blog grew out of the word elephant, or war, or trickle, or apeshit ,or quetico...). Or maybe its a poem, or maybe its a picture, or maybe its a character.

But I think TOF if your going to take your material down you should do it now. Maybe some of Gnugnu's or jugheads stuff could be moved to the front page. But we should do it now. I don't mind starting, although I'm gonna warn you I suggested the word war, because I see our blog almost being an argument between us on what the structure might and should be.


haha i agreed with your choice of the word war before i even read your next sentence choosing it,

so let's go WAR.

oh, and we don't have to put my post first or anything, but i do kind of like it linked to that short page of TOF's, if he's leaving anything at all on the wiki.

i think war is a great place from which to start. we have victory garden as one way a war hypertext might look. i started a new war link from the wiki page and put another link to the tim obrien page. i'm not gonna take down the quetico stuff until i have another platform for it.

I added some stuff to the wiki... so check it out and see if you like it. I really like this topic of war, but I like the suggestion of love to counter it. What if we started at war and somehow ended up at love?

i think i might make another thread to juxtapose against yours. a "love" thread would do nicely.

I like that

who put up the gettysburg page? i like that a lot. i had to memorize that speech in middle school. it still (oddly, now that i think about it) sends shivers down my spine. for some reason, that part especially affects me.

i also just noticed that the first tag for this post is "apeshit." i wonder when that tag will be used next...

i'm sorry i haven't gotten my act together re: the new wiki yet. i will do so over fall break. let's make this the bestest wiki ever.