Face Book ((What literally?) Yes, Literally)

A brief Introduction. This is being posted at, I estimate, 1:30. I estimated at beginning of writing, and won't change it. Will that estimate be accurate? Am I lying? You'll never know and that is exactly the point.

A briefer introduction, which I promise is true. I have been thinking about this project for a week straight at the expense of other work. Such as posting on this blog. My hiatus as been well spent, I promise. I hope. We'll see.

Issues I wanted to address with my project. Identity. Truth. Mediation. Motion. Time. Presence. Reality. As all good questions go, these ideas mean nothing, everything, and are absolutely interchangeable.

I don't like the idea of reality. Which is why I selected a creative project.

I think reality is as inescapable as it is preposterous. I've heard it said in ancient languages there is one word for love/hate. Opposing concepts are linked inexorably. Truth/Fiction. Almost interchangeable. As I propose to prove, even more so today.

Look at facebook. What is real? What are identities? Where is the boundary drawn?

A brief Body:
My Project:

A (hypertext?) fiction in the context of a social networking site.

Two different plans:
Plan A (The less Preferred one): I construct my own pseudo social networking site, with a number of characters who play out a fiction/reality.
Plan B (The Preferred one): I construct a number (read many) of profiles on an existing social networking site. I belong to none and want input on the feasibility of this. My dream for plan B. To include reputedly real humans in my fiction as contributing authors. They will be friends. Romantic Interests. Video Game Pals. Fellow Mitch Hedberg fans. It will be a totally dishonest, disgusting, elaborate, potentially illegal mindfuck. With academic implications

Thats it.
Things I considered coming up with this idea and haven't yet mentioned , yet hope to include:

An absolutely constrained database narrative
Embodiment in relation to consumption
postmodernism: auteurs.
Accessibility of Authors: Socrates
Inclusion of outside media?
Constructed characters as historical figures.
Real time Construction

My cry for help:

who is the protagonist.

i'd forgotten about your project for a while. now, i remember thinking that it could end up being really, really interesting. how has your thinking about it developed since you first proposed your project? i remember that you were unsure as to how intricate this would become, and on what site you would do it. i'm interested to know what you're imagining at this stage.