a man, a plan, a hypertext: quetico

So I'm going to expand upon the contributions I've made to the class wiki and continue with a Quetico based hypertext. I want to write it on a storyspace type program that isn't a wiki. This is important to me because I want readers/users to read the text as a full-screen slideshow and not through their browser. Ideally it would be accessible through the web. I want the hypertext to be navigable through links in the text/images and through an interactive map of the lake country. This way a trip through the text can mirror a trip through the lakes. Each individual lake will have its own page that will either have a short narrative episode featuring any of several recurring characters, a commentary about the physical qualities of the lake (assuming I've been to that one), an account of the time the reader/user spends at the lake, or something about the name of the lake. Larger threads will be narratives, lake chains, geological regions, and the general issue of naming.

A lot of content will seek to draw connections between navigating a wilderness and exploring a text.

A lot of content will focus on the waves of people (Ojibwe, French, Logger, Naturalist, Camper) that have moved through the area as well as the fundamental white man/native story of the new world. The lore of the Quetico-Superior will be catalogued.

A lot of content will be random cultural references. Grateful Dead (Dire Wolf), Neil Young (Pocahontas, Cortez the Killer, Powderfinger) and Bob Dylan (Girl From the North Country) lyrics will be incorporated. Wilderness writings by Gary Snyder and Sigurd Olsen will be in there. Hemingway's Nick Adams stories will play a role. The Song of Hiawatha is already in there. More will come as connections emerge in my head during the writing process.

Check out what's up on the wiki. The wiki is a pretty good indication of the types of things I might incorporate except that I will have more narrative threads.