Linear, this is Chaos, Chaos, meet Linear.

I plan on doing the creative option for my term project. As you can probably tell from class, I am resisting the change from novel to hypertext. I like the linearity, the completeness, and the closure that a novel can give me. We've talked in class about hypertexts that have been printed into books and many of us have tried to print certain Internet texts (like the Hayle's essay), which really should stay on the Internet. I would like to go in the opposite direction by changing a printed text into a hypertext. I want to see if a story that was written to be linear can maintain its greatness in a more chaotic fashion. The novel I'd like to do is "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I chose this book because for several reasons. First of all, it is extremely well known. Because so many people have read this story, it will be interesting to see how readers react when they expect the text to come to them in a certain order, and it doesn't. Will "The Little Prince" still be satisfying to its readers in this form? Secondly the book is already comprised of multimedia--the author included pictures and text. This is a good starting point for a hypertext novel. Lastly, there is an interesting shift after the first nine chapters when the author changes from the third person to the first person. This will be a challenge when converting the story because, as we talked about in class, pronouns can be a huge problem in hypertext. I haven't figured out yet how I plan on breaking up the novel or stringing the pieces together (this will take a lot of note taking on my part), but I'm hoping to find some sort of patter/thread.

Also, it's short enough that I won't kill myself transcribing it.

I'm not sure if I want to link out from the story. Do you guys have any opinions? And if I did link out, would the links be to sites that are related to the link word, or would I link out to essays about the book?

well i really like your choice of subject matter. that's a great story. i don't remember it very well, but i can imagine it working out well in hypertext. the whole story consists of him visiting different planets, right? i don't think that i personally remember enough of it to be taken aback by the unusual order that you will present it in. other people might feel differently. also, what kind of external links would you use? i think some could be cool. like you could link to the google image search for "baobab."