wiki worries


hello fellow internet personalities,

i'm thinking we need to rework the wiki. TimberOfFennario--you're going to use your content for your personal project, right? considering our wiki right now is made up of mostly TOF's contributions, it won't be much of a hassle to start over. shall we just start randomly and see where it goes (because the direction it's going right now isn't exactly random, it's the result of a good plan)? thoughts?



well, you make some good points. the wiki right now is almost all TOF, and i don't think that's how we want it. at the same time, i don't think there's necessarily a problem with making the wiki (at least partly) a place for us to test out ideas for our term projects (assuming that we're all doing creative projects). it would be a great way for us to show everyone else what we're doing and get feedback on it (through the blog, or otherwise) as we go through everything. in the guidelines for the term project, there is a lot of mandated peer review, and I think that, with the wiki, we could do even more than what's laid out. although the wiki isn't "supposed" to be about anything, really, it makes sense for it to be about the class and about us - what better way to capture everything we're learning than by posting our ongoing work on our term projects?

obviously, i don't think that this should be a requirement of the wiki. we should be able to post whatever we want, whether it's related to our projects or not. my point is that i don't mind the direction it's going in and that i think we should be allowed to post stuff from our personal projects. i really like all of the material that TOF has put up, and i don't think that he should have to take it down just because it's going toward his term project also. of course, the professor might not feel so great about us being able to fulfill the wiki requirement simply by posting work for our term projects (...comment?), but that's something she'll have to address.

I was thinking i'd take much of the content down but leave the rockcairns thread that connected to gnugnu. when i started putting stuff up i just got really into it even though i 1) had other work i should have been doing 2) realized i was kinda commandeering the wiki. that said, i would have let it be except that i have a lot more i've since thought of and i don't want to take this any farther without it being a more communal effort.

I don't want to use a wiki for my term project so the pages should stay up there until I can transfer the content to a storyspace type program.

i agree about not using our personal projects on the wikis, because i think that's sort of a cheap way out of making a group assignment. plus we're probably not allowed to :)

ok, that sounds fine. as long as we're starting over, i don't mind taking my stuff down too. i'll probably find a way to put it up again anyhow.

I understand the concept behind beginning with randomness... but I think that's fine for one person and not a group of people trying to collaborate together. If we're going to rework the wiki, I think that we should get together or at least blog enough to figure out something that we are all interested in and can contribute to. Basically, I think we should have a plan before we begin again.