term project idea

this didn't come to me in a dream, exactly, but it's still very rough around the edges. i'm hoping to use this space to help me figure out what exactly it is that i want to do and why i want to do it.

this idea for my term project certainly is related to that page i created on the wiki, the one with the very translated myth of io and zeus.

myths, especially in an oral culture, take a variety of different forms. there's a standard story, like oedipus, and then different storytellers or playwrights adapt the story to their own purposes. although maybe this isn't just an oral thing. the greeks might have started writing earlier than i'm imagining (although not on much of a scale), and also, we still do this kind of thing today. think about all the various forms that romeo and juliet has taken over the centuries. but anyway...

this sort of myth is ripe for adoption to hypertext, because it exists in so many different forms. the myth, broadly conceived, is the collection of the different ways in which it is told.

i'm particularly interested in greek/roman myth, probably because i studied them in middle and high school. the way that we today understand ancient myths, through different scraps of text, translated by different people, again has a lot in common with hypertext.

for my term project, i want to select one greek/roman myth (i'll have to consult a professor about this) and translate it as a hypertext. i will use whatever accounts (written and pictorial) that survive to this day, and i also will use whatever (public domain) translations we have. i will also translate the different accounts myself in a variety of different ways. i think that this is a way cool project idea. i'll have to investigate further.

i think this can be really cool. i always loved classical mythology so when i was a freshman i took history of the ancient mediterranean. i hated it. the problems of historiography were so overbearing that it felt like we never got to address the people, places, and events. the story had been taken out of the history. it seems like part of what you are talking about is giving each historiographical possiblity its own thread. hypertext is perfect for this beacause it doesnt have to privilege any one account or way of knowing, it can accomodate diversity.

translation, also, seems perfect for a hypertext.

So will the text bifurcate when there are different accounts of the same part? So that every time there are two different parts, the story will go to two separate links, and then will it join back together when the stories come back together? Just wondering.