Free Lit

I figure that in this class we will be exploring the convergence of new litature and technology, but how about old literature retroactively? At Dailylit you sign up to receive installments on your phone or in your email of whatever classic you selected from their not so shabby library. Looks like I won't be buying Freud this semester. For a wider more accesible selection try, where you can find a timeless, and questionably legal gem such as the newest Harry Potter , or for the more academically minded Norman Fairclough's just uploaded Critical Awereness of Language .

There was an article (registration required) in the New York Times two days ago about getting people to start reading books on screens instead of on "processed wood pulp." I don't know about you, but looking at a screen for too long really makes my head hurt. As long as it's not prohibitively expensive, I'll choose to read my books on paper, although I do feel a little bad about all those trees.

I feel like, for me, reading is not just about the content, but about the whole experience. Everyone has their own "reading spot." The experience of curling up inside my little corner with a physical book in my hand could not be replaced by a computer. Turning the page is too satisfying of a motion for me to pass up and also the feeling of closing a book once you've finished it. I read the last Harry Potter book the day it came out. I didn't get started until late that day and when I finished it was 5 in the morning and the sun was rising. When I closed the book I realized that there was no more new Harry Potter left out there for me. The computer could never replace the entire reading experience because touch, at least for me, is a part of reading.

this is a book I just finished reading for a different class. It's not a tree at all, even though it retains what's very best about the physical form of a book. it's made of a polymer material that has the potential to be recycled without losing any of its original qualities (it can be upcycled, not downcycled like typical recycled paper products). and the best part? it's completely waterproof, so you can read it in the bath.

a creative solution for both environmentally-minded and romantics. although i have to say, books being made out of paper has not yet deterred me from reading them in the bath. but now they're a little better for wear.