finished projects

Everyone post the link to your completed final project here, and say what browser to view it in:

jughead's (best viewed in mozilla):

have a great break!

i was literally just about to do that. great minds think alike.

i seriously do want to see all of your projects. we had a really good class, and you all seem to be doing really interesting things. devin, you're probably thinking right now "oh, not me, mine is shitty," but i want to see your project the most.

don't forget about the wiki! i'll probably do more stuff on wednesday. sam - can you take quetico off at some point? not that i don't like it, but it doesn't really fit in. hey, do you all remember when i suggested making the wiki a testing ground for all of our projects? so naive, so naive...

i almost left without posting my project. here it is, best viewed in safari. unfortunately the main page looks kind of weird in firefox. maybe i can fix that tomorrow.

it's best in firefox with the screen exactly as wide as the background image, which is 1100 pixels if you were curious,

check back on it too if you're really interested because I will be making changes and additions (especially once i get my hands on some of my old trip logs i kept, i think they're in my basement)

i can't wait to have time to check our your guys' projects,

this class has been a delight, it was great to get to know you guys,

best of luck w/ what remains,
take care of your shoes,

best viewed with an open heart (an no browser in particular).

Have a good winter break.