another update

well, i'm almost done. i know you're all super busy, but i'd really appreciate any more feedback.

here's the main page. it looks a little screwy in firefox, but it looks normal in safari. i'll have to figure that out.

here are the things i have left to do. this is as much for me as for you.

put the image citation information on the sources page.

proofread (make sure all the pages are named and all the links go to the right places and check for typos etc.).

that's actually all i can think of right now... let me know if you think of anything else!

But I wonder if you considered putting the map image side-by-side with the text quotes? It seems a little too much like an afterthotught for me right now.

If it was me I would be pretty sure I wanted to change it before putting the work in, I know what a bitch that would be.

no, i think you're right. it wasn't featured prominently enough. check it out now.

it actually didn't take that long. dreamweaver can do a lot of great things if you now how to use it right. i just found and replaced the old stuff i had. i did have to go in and change each image, but that wasn't too bad. dreamweaver even has an automator function that seems pretty cool. i never used it. but you know all those times you keep doing the same thing over and over and you think "man, i wish i could program the computer to do this" - well, you probably can. there are some restrictions, but it seems like a good feature.