another update


thanks a ton for your comments. they were very helpful, and i've enacted most of them (although not on all the pages).

here's a page that's pretty close to how i want all of them to look:

i really like how the quotation mark looks. i'm going to use three different kinds of quotation marks and three different fonts, for the dryden ovid (linked above) and the criticism and the theory.

the criticism page has something like the "you are here" link back to the main interface (not functional yet) that i will have on every page. there will be more white space in between the text and that part, once i figure out how to do that (scratch that; i just figured it out.) also you'll notice that the middle arrows constitute something of a disaster area. that might be tough to fix, but i'm working on it.

as for the home page: i think i might have each piece of text link to a list of related pages: i.e. the ovid page would link to a list of all the ovid pages, the meta page would link to a list of all the theory, etc. i imagine i could come up with a fourth. that would give you a different way to navigate. what do you think? also, i originally imagined i would have the words more symmetrical, but i couldn't figure out how to do that, and i actually kind of like how it turned out. comments?