Kindle content perchance

J.M. Coetzee's new book is weird. It's a split screen. Each page has 3 sections that they're calling streams. The top stream is essays, the middle a diary from an authoroid, and the bottom a monologue from a character. There's no "look inside" function on Amazon yet which is annoying cuz I really wanna see what the page looks like. It seems to me like this is a perfect sort of book for an ebook because you could turn any one of the three streams at a time without turning the whole paper page. This would work on the internet too. Imagine 3 windows with their own independent scroll bars. Of course I imagine there's a lot of authorial intent that went into placing specific parts of the streams next to others but the point I'm making is that if this is where the novel is going, and Coetzee's a real bigshot trendsetter booker blah blah blah, it seems to reflect the experience of being on the internet and an ebook can mimic that in a way the paper version never will.