project update

ok here's a link:

i fixed the images problem, i think.

there are still things i
> need to do to make it look better - i.e. align the arrows better,
> fix the southwest arrows, insert the giant quotation mark (that will
> look cool, i think - thanks for the tip), put color in the text
> box, and vary the text formatting some more. in the end, ovid's
> story, criticism of ovid, and literary theory will each have a
> distinct format. please let me know if you think of anything else i
> should do. i want it to look a lot better than it does.

Today you mentioned the possibility of using images as a way to fix the aesthetics of your project. I definitely think that something needs to be done, but I think that text formatting is definitely the way to go. Unless you have images that are significant parts of the project, I would not go looking for an image to match with the words. The text can be made to look pretty interesting by itself (Jughead's project is a great example of this). Also, there is going to be a link on each page that can take you back to the grid right? Where is that going to be located on each page and what form is it going to take? (I'm trying to picture where it's going to be because the arrows are on all sides of the text...)

A few things I noticed just browsing quickly:

I might consider formatting the text on the top row, down. Umm if that doesn't make any sense, I jsut mean it is touching the top of the browser window, I would like it more if it were more centered like the rest of the text.

I have to agree that I think you could probably do more with text formatting. Obviously you have some plans, but I might consider more accentuations within the text. Do you have enough external links from research to put them in occasionally, in the sense that jughead did internally? I don't know if that might draw away from the project, but its something. Maybe you could take way more liberty with the shape and size of each text block.

the one thing I really want but have no suggestion for/ don't know if it is something you might object to, is the instantiation of the grid into the project on a slide by slide level. I don't how you would do this tastefully, but I love the structure of your project, and it just isn't given play in a visual sense. Maybe the introduction of your title page will do this I don't know, but I feel like there is so much potential there.

i think you forgot to transfer the CSS / images for this page:

i do like the hairy spider leg arrows, but i agree with campagnolo... you're grid is so cool but i can't really think of any easy way you could incorporate it into individual pages. are we going to be able to link to it from within the hypertext at least?

also, you might think about going through and titling your pages, unless you want it to read "untitled document." I think Stumpy's project doesn't have them either. not necessary though

This might be extremely time consuming, but you could put a picture of the grid on each page and have a dot or something to show where you are currently at on the grid... Like in a mall, "You are here." I don't know if that solves this problem at all, or if it's too much work...