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you win, campagnolo. i've successfully avoided seeing the two girls one cup video up until now. i think we're taking the wiki where no writing machines wiki has gone before... and it's no where i want to be either. have you seen kermit the frog's reaction?

this has to go.

i don't want to watch that

Its part of the academic experience of the wiki, I don't think you have a choice.

Oh Kermit, you irascible frog, you.

do we have until the time when the final would be to post content to the wiki? I have lots but what with the project and all haven't had any time to post it.

I feel sort of personally lost with the wiki. I want to contribute, but I'm not sure how. Maybe I'm too invested in structure, but there's all the stuff campagnolo wrote that intertwines with the Tim O'Brien excerpts and some of the other war pages, and I guess I feel like it's hard for me to see the direction it's all going in. Before when it was a blank wiki it was easier to just post stuff, but now it feels like each of us has our own ideas about where it's going and I'm not sure where I think it's going and so I can't figure out how to continue the content... Does anyone have any suggestions? Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions? Directions? Guidance? Love? War?

i think it looks like a grenade with the circle and the long tail like that... I thought that's what you were going for. and about the content, I don't really have a planned-out direction for adding content... I mostly read over what other people have wrote and certain words and phrases remind me of something else and I post it. And once you post something, you get on kind of a roll... I probably need to have more rolls...

I am with Jughead on this one. I didn't have any goal whatsoever in my postings except to interrelate the posts more. I felt like we were defining the two, but that those definitions were becoming sprawling and unusable--I couldn't even read new content through llinking, I had to go to recent changes(Which I still have to do, but hopefully not forever).

I very much like stumpy's attention to structure--I particularly like the visual imposition on words. I just worry about functionality. I've been trying to think of a map or something, some overarching means of navigation. I don't know, maybe its not necessary, but Stumpy I don't think you could ever to do much with structure.

Anyone can feel free to change or move around anything I've put up, that is something I would appreciate not resent.