stephanie's project


wow. stephanie, you have a lot to teach me about formatting. how did you do all that? especially your front page - that's amazing. also, i mentioned in my post to sam that i shared his problem of having an ugly block of text at the top of the page - how did you make yours centered and big like that?

i like where you've gone with this project a lot. one of my favorite topics this semester (and in general) is the drive to order out of chaos. one could argue that it's our most basic drive. i think there's a lot of stuff about that in "how images think," but i'm not sure. i definitely marked a lot of the places that issue came up in all our readings - i'll get back to you if i find any good ones. i'm also interested in your project because you're trying to do something very similar to what i'm doing - construct an argument simply by arranging different quotations and images. keep me updated on how yours is going. i should have a version of mine on the internet in a couple of days, and i'll post it.

thanks andy. about the formatting, I'm using three different CSSs I created that are all pretty similar - one for biblical, one for literature, and one for scientific - so it makes it easier if you can create a CSS. That way, you only have to deal with the content on each of your pages instead of the content and the style of each... unless you want every page to be unique. I also put all my content under a "div" class tag, which allows you to specify where you want the content on the page. This is hard to explain, but maybe on Friday I can show you. If you work in the "design" side of dreamweaver though, it makes it much much easier than working in the code.

a more interesting way to view the "all pages" function of my project is now online at:

linking structures between texts obviously still to come.