this is perversely interesting


the bombshell.

do we really think that this is lori drew? would she really close with "here i am, internet. come get me."?? everything about the blog seems designed to provoke maximum outrage - and maximum readership. how perverted is it for someone to use this as a springboard to her fifteen minutes? how perverted is it that i could even consider that?

I feel like it can't be her. If it was her, then she would be inviting all kinds of violence towards her family. She's already proven herself to be not the best mother, but this is playing with fire for her and her family.

what kind of person takes the time to do something like this though? "lori" responds to so many of the comments... and it seems like she's very invested in what the other commentors think about her. if it is her, it's a very stupid thing to do... and the writer of the blog, though ridiculous, doesn't seem exactly stupid

I find this addictively interesting. I spent my first hour at work today reading through comments, commentary, and looking for precedents. Through out the whole thing I couldn't shake the idea of how surreal it seemed to me.

Lets just forget questions of guilt and assume that it is in fact Lori Drew. I am really not sure anymore. The 'declaration' made me think it wasn't.

Anyway if it is her this must be the first time a figure of public disdain engaged in argument with her detractors. Its in the same language and progression of discussion that disgusts me everyday on sites with bad commenting. Assuming no deletion of comments it was perfectly democratic.
She had her voice totally unmediated by anyone else (which in this case had a horrible outcome).

There is a long history of people founding websites for advocating how they were wronged, but not to many to (that I can find) that are the perpetrator defending their actions.

Beyond that with all the fake identities, and re-representation of people, and what not, this is perhaps the first example of meta-reflexive-meta-relfexology, or something like that. We have, assuming most of what we have heard is true, one girl who virtually bullies another with her virtual identity, and that girls mother who invents a virtual person, to torment the firsts virtual avatar. After the suicide we have the same mother creating a second virtual person to justify the creation of the first, before unveiling herself and defending the second/being both kirsten and josh, with a third (presumably her own) virtual identity.

I realize that makes no sense, but thats how I am feeling. We have a mutli-layered drama/narrative unfolding entirely within cyberspace--with the obvious exception of the girl killing herself, which is what made any of it matter. There is so much simulcra/hyperreality going on here, my mind can't handle it.

i'm completely with you. don't forget about the (in my mind, very distinct) possibility that the person behind this blog pretended to be lori drew pretending to be someone else. it makes my head want to explode.