becca's project


well, i like it a lot. it's hard to go wrong with the little prince.

i like that that picture is on every page also. i think i told you that when i was talking to you in person.

one thing you should be careful of is pages with no links out, like this one. you can get back to the main page, but there's no continuation. you also misspelled "twilight," i noticed. a typo - i'm not suggesting that you don't know how to spell "twilight." oh... wait. is that the point of the page? i just realized it's linked from "you can't go very." that's cool. but definitely don't have a lot of pages like that. this might read weird, because i'm alternating between typing and looking at your project. i just noticed that fa and r don't go anywhere either. oh, wait... i just realized that those pages are all the same. why did you split up the linking like that? to give us the experience of trying to go somewhere and not being able to? very intriguing...

are you going to leave up the "in the making page"? i don't know how i feel about the outside link to wikipedia. especially where it is, on the front page... it seems to give equal weight to your hypertext and that entry.

i like the way you've used space to distribute the text - i.e. not leaving it in a chunk at the top of the page. i'm struggling with that right now.

1. there are a lot of typos because I am typing it all up by hand and I plan on checking every page before I post. After that, there still might be a few typos.
2. I'm trying to do more with the spacial layout, some pages are more worked on than others. I'm trying to make different fonts/maybe colors for different speakers or tones. Like all grown up talk will be in Times New Roman.
3. Barely any of the pictures from the book are up, expect those for my final project.
4. Expect the sidebar with external linking
5. In the process page will be my analysis of my work, right now it says nothing important.
6. Hopefully none of the pages will be dead ends except the ones I want to be dead ends like this one Usually I just read the hypertext and see which pages link to each in my mind and then II link them in dreamweaver.
7. That link that you mentioned is split up by accident and needs to be fixed

Basically there is a lot of work to be done, but you are completely right about all the things I need to be working on.

i have never read the little prince, so i'm excited about reading your creative adaptation of it. your title page is adorable, and i really like your choice in color palette of all the links to match the colors in the illustrations.

i'm not sure how many drawings are in the book, and you've also said that you're going to include them all somehow, but i think it would be cool if the background for each page features drawings of the characters mentioned on the page. perhaps that's your plan anyway.

i also think you should mix it up a bit whether the drawings come on the right or left, and then have the text on whichever side the drawing is not. the way it is now makes the drawing of the little prince look more like a watermark than an illustration accompanying the text.

i'm intrigued by what you're going to put in your sidebar... is it going to be all information that talks about the little prince, or do you have some way to navigate the story other than the order you've imposed upon it? i also agree with gnugnu-- i don't like the external links within the text.

good luck for monday, i need some too... :/