class tomorrow?


uh... what are we doing in class tomorrow? are we supposed to look at something in particular?

oh, and here is that Collaborative Drawing site I was talking about. Check out the animated time-lapse of individual drawings, it's pretty cool.

I just had the strangest experience ever... after posting that blog entry, I found another collaborative drawing site, (, that I just got totally absorbed in for the past 20 min. You collectively draw whatever you want at the same time as a bunch of other people, and all of a sudden someone started writing Czech words, and so I said hello in Czech, and it turned into a completely bizarre exchange of Czech vocab words. It caught me off guard, but it was a strangely distant yet personal moment for a random web site. i need to sleeeeep

I just got sucked into that for so long. i tried to have conversations with people. It was pretty cool. I started drawing the earth and two other people finished it. That was the best part.

that site really can suck you in,

the most fun thing was finding ways to engage w/ others,

you always here all the bs about math being a universal language but it really did work well, i'd start simple equations and people would answer them or alter them,

I also tried writing "How bout this weather?" in the same spot for about 10 drawings in a row, nobody did anything at first but by the end i was getting a "shut up thanks" in the same place every time, i wonder if the assumption that we were sharing some sort of weather bothered them

It would be cool if you could take some sort of snap shot of a drawing, or the previous drawing showed up as a jppeg on the next page, because I'd really like to share what I've been doing and see what other interactions have been like.

take a screen shot